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Timemore French Press

  • Product info

    This French press can be used to make tea & coffee, filter juice, and serve as a hand-sharing pot. The 350ml French press can be docked with 1-2 cups of filter cups, and the 600ml can be docked 1- A 4-cup filter bowl. It can be used at any time, whether in the office or at home.

    Quality & Safety

    Heat-resistant insulation glass: 3mm thick borosilicate glass, heat preservation enhancement, frosted Teflon cup lid, away from water stains and fingerprints, the first layer of 80 mesh stainless steel filter screen, the second layer of 120 mesh filter screen, Ultra-fine filtration, pure enjoyment.


    Material: Borosilicate glass, Metal teflon coated plastic lid, stainless steel

    Available in 350ml or 600ml sizes

    Made in China.

    350ml coffee or 2 cups of coffee

    600ml coffee or 3 cups of coffee

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