Mistral coffee subscriptions the perfect gift for coffee lovers

Speciality coffee roasted in Mallorca

Mistral Coffee was started in 2017 to bring speciality coffee to Mallorca that was roasted freshly on the island. Selecting the most highly sought after green coffee beans from around the world and developing a roasting style which was learned from years of knowledge and training from the industries top people.

Since the beginning our focus was on utilising the industries top equipment for a consistent roasting style that was built to last. Our approach was to give attention to detail in every area and this is a core value for us. From sourcing coffee, training, consulting we strive to give our customers the best experience and a product that is reliable.

Our roasting style

We are roasting on a 12 Kilo Probatone from Probat. For us the roasting process is entirely about highlighting the unique and sometimes subtle nuances of the coffee we have. We are continuously refining our roastery and investing in the latest roasting technology from our partners at Probat. We create individual roast profiles that promote the greatest aspects of the green bean.

Ethically sourced

We only source 100% traceable, seasonally produced Arabica coffee which is of the highest rating according to high SCA standards and always in the most ethically and sustainable way.

Each coffee we source goes through a strict process of developing a roast profile to ensure we are maximising the potential of the coffee and achieving the full taste potential of the coffee. We are dedicated to our product, our team and our customers and we love what we do!


In our cafés you will always be able to find a good mix of origins depending on the coffee harvest calendar, roasted for either filter or espresso.

Our team are always happy to assist with any questions or share tips for brewing great coffee at home.