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Bombe - Ethiopia

  • Region:

    Bombe village, Daye Bensa, Sidama

  • Preparation:


  • Varietal:


  • Altitude:

    2230 MASL

  • Best for:

    Espresso / Filter

  • Flavour profile:

    Rasberry, Peanut Butter, Jasmine

  • Product info

    This is an Omni-roasted coffee which means it is roasted to highlight the flavour of the coffee and will work well in all brew methods.

    Farm info

    We are very excited to have this delicious Ethiopia coffee at Mistral. Bombe is a natural coffee with bold fruity flavours and a thick creamy body.

    This coffee is named after the Bombe Mountains which is the area where most of the farmers who grow and contribute cherry to this lot live and work.

    Producers from Bombe as well as from Shantawene and Keramo communities have been delivering their best cherry to the Bombe site since the harvest season of 2017/18. It’s here that the lots are separated by quality into fermentation tanks and specific drying locations. The Bombe site layout is organised in such a way that allows for special processing techniques, such as shaded fermentation tanks and washing channels as well as mesh shaded drying tables.

    Bombe drying beds

    The wet mill is organised and run by a team including a female agronomist, Atkilt Dejene, who has also worked with the award-winning Gesha Village project, among others such as processing specialist, Eyasu Bekele, whom we worked with for the Reko Koba project several years running. The volume capacity at Bombe washing station is at max 2.5 million kgs of cherries, but for the past couple year, this site has maintained a strict dedication to producing outstanding quality above quantity.

    Bombe Cherries

    This particular lot has been processed as a shade dried natural under shade mesh canopy to create a slower, therefore more gentle, drying period that has been stretched to 25 days during which the table is agitated every 15 minutes during the day to guarantee even drying, therefore consistent quality.

    This lot comes to us in partnership with the Daye Bensa exporter. Daye Bensa is very much a community-focussed business that aims to deliver additional bonus payment to the farmers based on the volume they contribute to their station micro-lots, and they reward consistency in both volume and quality to their farmers year after year.

    Traceability is extremely important during the production of micro lots. The record-keeping book is carefully handled and separation of lots is key to guaranteeing the highest level of quality. When the cherries are received they are separated by village, the coffee is then kept separate throughout drying, processing, and storage, with labels stating the delivery dates, farm name, lot number, and more details related to the particular lot. They also run an out-growers program that benefits farmers with an off-season payment on top of the harvest fee and have been active in working to improve the farmers’ living situations and standards, with healthcare access, utilities, education and transport infrastructure. Additionally, Daye Bensa are working with the school principals in the villages surrounding the farms, providing basic school materials for the students.

    Wicker baskets


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