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Jalapa - Guatemala (Decaffeinated)

  • Region:


  • Preparation:

    Washed / CO2 Decaf

  • Varietal:

    Catuai, Bourbon

  • Altitude:

    1700 - 1900 MASL

  • Best for:

    Espresso / Filter

  • Flavour profile:

    Butterscotch and walnut, a very well balanced cofffee with a creamy body, smooth and sweet with low acidity in the cup.

  • Product info

    This is an Omni-roasted coffee which means it is roasted to highlight the flavour of the coffee and will work well in all brew methods.

    Farm info

    This is a coffee produced by several small producers in the Jalapa region of Guatemala. The farmers are relativily new in growing coffee. They excelled at growing Corn, Tomato, Apples, Peaches and Avocado and in 2017 they added coffee. The idea was initiated by Primavera, the importer we work with on this coffee, and born in Santa Amellia Xalapa as a way of supporting a growing community of farmers. Due to the richness of the soils and the high altitude at where they are found, coffee has been a great success.

    The coffee is decaffinated using natural carbon dioxide under subcritical conditions (i.e. relatively low temperature and pressure). This particularly gentle process and the good caffeine selectivity of liquid CO2 guarantee a high retention of aroma and taste components. The process is all-natural and certified organic.

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