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PINK - Felipe Peña - Colombia NEW!!!

  • Region:

    San Agustin, Huila

  • Preparation:


  • Varietal:

    Pink Bourbon

  • Altitude:

    1850 MASL

  • Best for:

    Espresso / Filter

  • Flavour profile:

    Raspberry, Toffee, White Chocolate

  • Product info

    This is an Omni-roasted coffee which means it is roasted to highlight the flavour of the coffee and will work well in all brew methods.

    Pink Bourbon is like the champagne of coffee varieties because of the complexity of the flavour profile. We loved the sweet raspberry fragrance and then in the taste a delicious toffee and white chocolate flavour. After having many anaerobic fermented coffee's this washed pink bourbon makes a really enjoyable change and we hope you like it as much as we do!

    Felipe is a very practical and dedicated person. His pink bourbons are his babys and he is very meticulous with the traditional techniques he uses to process his coffee. He picks the ripeste cherries possible, with at least 22o brix and to make sure his pickers do it correctly he helps to pick them himself. Afterwards, he leaves the cherries rest in an aerobic environment for two days. He depulps the coffee and leaves it to ferment in an aerobic environment for another two day and finally washes the coffee with clean spring water.

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